20 by 25

This post is a list of things I want to do by the time I finish 25 years. I am Inspired by a lot of people who shared their 30 by 30 list. 30 seems too far, and hence the 20 by 25 list.

I am 23 years and 140 days old, so I got 1 year and 7 months before I turn 26, that’s exactly 587 days.

So here goes the list in no particular order.

  1. Visit 25 different countries. (Been to 15, but in most cases I have been to cities in different countries. Want to experience it differently this time)
  2. Have lunch/dinner with Sachin Tendulkar (Really got to do this somehow!)
  3. Start an offline business. (emphasis on offline, not a social network for cats)
  4. Reduce body fat percentage to < 16% (Currently >25% :-()
  5. Build a toy house for my niece (DIY one, large enough in size to annoy my sister)
  6. Sponsor total education for atleast 25 kids
  7. Holiday in Japan or New Zealand for >25 days.
  8. Build a company that competes with Google Search (That’s naive, I know)
  9. Get six pack abs (hahaha – me laughing at myself)
  10. Write 40 blog posts. (I started this blog 3 years back and wrote only 4-5 posts since then)
  11. Finish in top 5 in codeforces round or topcoder srm.
  12. Learn boxing
  13. Create a video that goes super viral (preferably animated video)
  14. Have my own (successful) start up (Seriously, this list has a start up, fitness goals, travel plans, family goals – remembering this article)
  15. Take family to another long tour! (Had a great one a years back in Europe)
  16. Get a job and work (short time) in a field I current have 0 knowledge (Journalist? Assistant director? Chemistry lab in charge? Pizza delivery? Don’t know!)
  17. Make a successful kickstarter/indiegogo campaign (BTW, did you see this? Crazy right!)
  18. Skype/FaceTime with Elon Musk (Because I am too busy to travel and meet 😛 :P)
  19. Learn 3 swimming strokes (Currently, I can only survive when thrown in water pool)
  20. Make a 27 by 27 list.


Why is this list put here and not inside my room?
Well, as soon as I saw few lists I felt like posting one. But I did search about why people post it publicly. Apparently these are the top 3 reasons

  1. It motivates the person to achieve them (You wanna call it social pressure?)
  2. Connects like minded people (So who want to come to New Zealand with me?)
  3. It inspires others (This is the most convincing one for me. I got inspired looking at other’s lists. When I sat down to write what I want to do, the things that came up are true dreams. It was my childhood dream to meet Sachin, I love making my niece happy and so on. You really put things that you totally want to do. It helps you discover yourself 🙂 and then it’s up to you to make it public or not.)

If you are inspired by this or you just like the idea, and decide to put up your own list. Do let me know in comments, I would like to read your list in case it is public 🙂

Just follow this one rule when making the list, you should not be able to finish the task in a day or 2. So, avoid such tasks from the list UNLESS it means a lot to you (Ex: Item 5 in my case).

  • shiv anand

    You really inspire Us a lot…

    With this pace In around 2-3 years you will become superhuman in the field of Tech…

  • Subha Shree

    crazy you are 🙂

  • Vineeth Kanaparthi
  • Emmadishetty Sri Aditya Varma

    Lets do 8. Will be fun.

  • Ashish

    New Zealand is on 👍