20 by 25

This post is a list of things I want to do by the time I finish 25 years. I am Inspired by a lot of people who shared their 30 by 30 list. 30 seems too far, and hence the 20 by 25 list.

I am 23 years and 140 days old, so I got 1 year and 7 months before I turn 26, that’s exactly 587 days.

So here goes the list in no particular order.

  1. Visit 25 different countries. (Been to 15, but in most cases I have been to cities in different countries. Want to experience it differently this time)
  2. Have lunch/dinner with Sachin Tendulkar (Really got to do this somehow!)
  3. Start an offline business. (emphasis on offline, not a social network for cats)
  4. Reduce body fat percentage to < 16% (Currently >25% :-()
  5. Build a toy house for my niece (DIY one, large enough in size to annoy my sister)
  6. Sponsor total education for atleast 25 kids
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When 2 guys talk, its not always about girls/sports ;)

Let me introduce to you my friend Archit Karandikar. I met him at Directi last summer, we were interns, since then we are good friends :). I was quite impressed with his skills. Many of us know that he is awesome at math and programming. Let me tell you, majority of the Indian programming community do not know him only because he does not take part in codechef long contests 😛

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